GLAAS Inc. [Glass Light Art Architecture and Synergies] is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to:

  • Develop and promote glass in art and architecture
  • Provide a central point of information for glass in Australia
  • Provide opportunities for innovative collaboration with industry
  • Offer creative opportunities in glass to all via education and access
  • Provide opportunities to generate new ideas through collaboration
  • Explore uses of glass to enhance energy efficiency & sustainability
  • Address architectural, cultural and historical glass issues
  • Stimulate interest in glass use in the built environment

Glaas Inc supports the sharing of knowledge and life-long learning through the formation of a Research Group.  Members and friends whose interests lie in the fields of

  • History
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Technique

or simply wish to expand their understanding of glass are invited to participate.  It is a forum

  • where ideas are shared
  • questions asked on technical, historical or technological matters
  • information on books, journal articles, exhibitions or information are posted
  • conferences and calls for papers are noted

or any item that might interest glass artists, designers, architects, art historians and others.

The Research Group will function as a dedicated blog and anyone wishing to contribute is asked to contact the Moderator of the list

Contributors will be sent the blog invitation and requested to provide a short paragraph about themselves and field(s) of glass interest.  From then on, it is up to the bloggers to promote discussion. Categories are set, but Tags are ‘open slather’ and should be as broad as possible to capture as many subjects as you think are appropriate.

No strict rules apply, just common sense:

  • Keep posts reasonably brief and to the point
  • Comments and questions should pertain to glass and not stray into personal areas, and of course,
  • No rudeness, bad language or slander

The Moderator reserves to right to edit or delete posts, comments or contributors that do not meet the rules.

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